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Modern international trade Limited company with over a decade of experience in export and import tools and machines proved their capabilities , And in neighboring countries such as the UAE has its office on. The company is working with people with experience and knowledge of new technologies ready for commercial service in Europe and Asia. Iran New Way is willing to give financial information for investment abroad declares and with all of these investments will be guaranteed. Today the need to develop tomorrow brings. In this regard academic ability in creating a variety of commercial projects and investment is one of the most prominent functions of the company. Iran New Way to prepare a variety of services related to e-commerce as Domain Register , Hosting & Web Designing , SEO and many other services to people with experience and innovation has

  • Web Design

    Give us your website

    Today, having a website is one of the necessities of daily life and is one of the best ways to communicate and audience. Because of all the world can easily communicate with it. A good website with beautiful user can be very effective in the audience

  • PLC

    Following PLC systems management experience

    With this system you can manage different parts of a building according to energy use. We think it will happen to you. Within the least possible time

  • New Capital

    Share Investments in international projects with us

    The other part of the activities of our Company's investment in the industrial and construction. You would run investment advice and we can enjoy